The Redheaded Camel Blog

This is the first in a series of wedding-related posts!  Because we want to be able to share in our big day with all of y'all, I thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes of each stage of our planning, preparation, and excitement.  Hope you'll enjoy! 

Can you believe it's already red, white, and blue season?!  It seems like this year is just flying by, y'all!  zI'm so excited to share our newest HoliYAY Happy Box for July 4 and all things patriotic!  Independence Day is my favorite holiday, so this box was super fun for me to bring to life.  Keep reading for more details on what's in this month's box, along with ideas on how to use the items inside!

This week's Camel Countdown features a lip product, a tote bag, a goal setting plan, and a fun monogram idea!

On this week's Camel Countdown:

teleties large hairties, The RHC Caravan, Girl Wash Your Face, Everybody Always, and tassels!

Yes, you can order products here.  Yes, you can learn more of our story.  And yes, it is really pretty (at least, I think it is!).  But what's more important to me is this space - this blog that will be a place to share more of our story, to feature how you style your hand-painted happiness, and to celebrate #allthethings.  It'll be a place to connect further and celebrate more deeply, no matter what season you're in.