Can you believe it's already time for back to college posts?!  Me either, friend.  As a recent college girl myself, I'm excited to be sharing the items every dorm room needs to be functional, comfortable, and FUN!  I'd love to know if you have other ideas for dorm-life necessities!  

Extension Cords

If your bed is lofted (or even lifted a little bit) you will be so glad you have an extra extension cord!  In my college experience, every single cord was almost long enough to be perfect, but never actually was perfect.  Cue the extension cord.  Life made easier, in an instant.  This is probably the most practical suggestion ever, but you'll thank me later. ;)

Colorful Curtains 

If you haven't toured your dorm room yet, let me ruin the surprise - dorm rooms are notoriously boring.  Up your fun factor with colorful curtains!  I'm all for an easy and inexpensive way to add some fun, and this is a super simple option.  My favorite curtains are ones from Pillowfort (the kids' brand at Target - don't judge) and these from Amazon.

Fun Decorations

Add some tassels or pom poms over your bed (or over your mirror!) to add some flair to the space.  I hung these in my post-grad room, but you can bet your bottom dollar if they'd been a thing when I was in school... I would have had least three sets around the room. ;)

Savvy Storage 

Much like apartments, storage is minimal in most dorm rooms.  It's important to maximize your space and storage however you can!  I love this colorful one from Target - it would fit nicely at the foot of your bed.  If you're wondering what the heck to store in this type of bench, a few ideas:

  1. shoes, t-shirts, or sweaters
  2. extra bedding or linens
  3. textbooks and school supplies

Soft Lighting or Bedside Lamp

Florescent lights are not always that fun.  Also, it can be super annoying to have to turn off the "big" light and then try to stumble your way to the bed in the dark!  When I was in college, I always had a bedside lamp and it made such a difference!  My junior and senior years, I also had fun string lights to add more "ambiance" and less harsh lighting to my space.  It's a small change but makes a big difference! 

Happy Decor and Art

Last but not least, you'll want to cheer up your space a little bit with some happy decor!  My freshman year of college, I painted all the art for our room and that's where the idea for The Redheaded Camel was born.  If you're crafty, take a night the first week of school to DIY with your new roommate!  Or, if you want something a little more fancy and profesh - I'd love to help you make your space extra cozy and colorful.  My personal favorites for college gals are:

  1. Dorm Sweet Dorm Painting
  2. Choose Happy Pallet Sign 
  3. Faith Over Fear Floral Canvas 
  4. You Got This Striped Ombre Painting

Do you have any questions about college or dorm decor?  If so, comment here and I'll do my best to answer in an upcoming post!  If you are headed back to college soon, I'm cheering for you!


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