Unique and Simple Birthday Gifts for the Most Important People in your Life

Unique and Simple Birthday Gifts for the Most Important People in your Life

It's a big week in my family - it's my parents' birthday week!  My mom and dad's birthdays are only a day apart, so we make a whole week of celebration.  Is it just me, or are the people we love most often the most difficult to buy gifts for?!  Today, I thought it would be fun to share some thoughtful and unique gift ideas for the people you love most!


Y'all, we gifted my mama an Alexa for Mother's Day and she is so obsessed!  It plays music for her, turns on Netflix when we want it, and can tell jokes and answer questions about the weather where we're vacationing next week.  There are so many uses for this device that we haven't even figured out yet and it's so helpful to just be able to ask a question like you would to a friend.  If your loved one is tech-savvy or loves to Google things, this is the perfect gift!

Cologne or Perfume 

I know, this doesn't seem like a "unique" gift.  But, I've found that with my family and closest friends, this is something they rarely splurge on for themselves!  If there's a signature fragrance your dad has used since you were a little one, a new bottle might be the perfect surprise.  It not only ensures they're smelling fresh (haha!) but also shows that you pay attention and that you know what they like.  My personal favorite fragrances are this one for ladies and this one for the guys.

A Good Book 

Again, this may not be the most unique gift idea on the planet, but I do think that it's thoughtful to give a good book!  My personal favorite way to gift a book is to write a note to the recipient on the inside of the front cover and tie it up with a bow - sans paper.  I also love giving books that I've read before (you can get my recent book recommendations here) so I can talk with the person about the book after they've finished reading it.  So fun!   

An Experience 

Of all my favorite things to gift, experiences always top the list.  To me, experiences are way better than more "stuff," and it's so fun to create memories together.  If your loved one enjoys movies, schedule a double feature with all the snacks they can carry!  If you're more into sports, great seats at an upcoming game would be so thoughtful and generous.  Whatever you can do together is the perfect gift - and is way more valuable than anything you could ever put a bow on!  

I'd love to know if you have a favorite gift for birthdays!  What do you think of these ideas for loved ones?!

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