The One Tried and True Self-Tanning Product That Actually Works

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Instagram about my hunt for the best sunless tanner.  I've tried just about everything under the sun and today I'm excited to tell you why this Rodan and Fields product is officially my favorite.  When I shared in my Insta-Story, I got so many messages asking for an official update on my opinion of the product, so here we are!  If you've used it before, or have another great faux glow option, I'd love to know in the comments!

Let me start by telling you that I should be the poster child for sunless tanners.  I've tried them all, have had the streak marks to prove it, and can walk down the aisle at Target and point out the ones that smell the worst.  Simply put, this pale girl knows her tanners.  And by pale, I mean that I'm approximately the color of a Kleenex.  Not kidding.

So, when I decided to give the R+F Foaming Sunless Tan a shot, my hopes were, shall we say, not high. I am very picky about my faux glow.  I don't want to have cheeto hands, or to smell funny, or for it to take half an hour to dry.  You'd be amazed at the way half an hour of tan in a can drying DRAGS!  Not fun.  Here's my legitimate experience from the first time I tried the product.

Step 1:  Shower and exfoliate.  If you haven't tried it, there's a new Dove exfoliator that smells super good and is gentle on your skin!  Highly recommend.

Step 2:  Dry off well.  Emphasis on well.  Streaks happen when you skip this step.  Trust me, sister.  I've been there.

Step 3:  Apply self tanner while praying not to turn orange.  I did about a silver-dollar sized pump per leg and it was just the right amount.  Obviously if you're tall or have amazon legs, you might need more.  The biggest tip I have here is to take your time (but not too much time because it's drying!!!) and make sure to apply evenly.  Focus on one section at a time and make sure to blend.

Step 4:  Stand around for a few minutes while your faux glow soaks in.  It might feel like an eternity, but it actually only takes like 10 minutes.  A great opportunity to tidy up your closet or do a mini facial or paint your nails. 

I did this whole routine in the evening, and when I woke up the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't smell like tan in a can, and that I actually looked less like Casper!  The color was even (I cannot attribute this to my own skill level because let's be real, I probably did not apply it that evenly).  Best of all?  I didn't look orange!!!

For the sake of transparency and fairness, I wanted to give the product a few additional trial runs before suggesting it to all my friends.  No one wants to be the girl who turns her whole group chat orange!  To my surprise, night two was even easier!  

Overall, my opinions on the product are:

  • It does what it says it does, and it doesn't smell bad.  Total win.
  • It is quick drying and doesn't make a mess! 
  • The formula is forgiving so that you can layer to get a good "glow" without looking like a preservative-filled Dorito.
  • It gives you a sunkissed, natural look WITHOUT the potential for sun damage, skin cancer, or peeling!  That is totally worth the $26 investment in my opinion.  

All jokes aside, I spent about 20 years of my life hating being pale.  I thought it made me less pretty, less fun, or less capable of wearing white... when in reality, none of that is true.  I've learned through years of freckles and painful sunburns how important it is to protect your skin... it's the only skin you've got!  The older I get, the more adamant I am about taking good care of the skin I'm in, and this is no exception.  From sunshirts to going inside from 12-2pm to avoid the harshest rays, I've done it all.  And if I can get a little glow without risking trouble down the road, I am ALL about that.  

Whether you are super pale or every pale girl's dream, know that you are beautiful!  Also, know that taking care of your skin is important and that healthy skin is way more important than any tan might be.  And, if you're looking for something to take that super-white edge off, the Foaming Sunless Tan might just be your new bestie.

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