Custom Wedding Crest Illustration
Custom Wedding Crest Illustration
Custom Wedding Crest Illustration
Custom Wedding Crest Illustration
Custom Wedding Crest Illustration

Custom Wedding Crest Illustration

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Bespoke, hand-drawn wedding crests are a unique and thoughtful way to add personality to your most special day! The detailed elements we'll include will highlight both of your personalities and the story you've started together. This listing includes the digital file for unlimited use of your crest, along with a printed piece in the size of your choice! 

Custom crests are beautiful for wedding designs, but they are created to last for decades to come.  You can use the design in your home and on stationery for days long after the wedding is over!  

If you want to get creative, crests are perfect for:

  • custom napkins and can coolers (both at the wedding and afterwards for your home!)
  • throw pillows for home decor
  • embroidered on home decor items including linens or towels


Icon Suggestions

So, what goes on the crest?!  Here are a few recommendations:

  • Favorite Hobbies (traveling, exercising, cooking or baking, reading, golfing, watching sports, etc.)
  • Careers
  • Love Story Elements (Love letters - if you sent them back and forth while facing long distance, a globe if you've traveled the world together, the park bench where you got engaged, the name of the school where you met, etc.)
  • Family Elements (pets, states you're from, flags of your state/country, etc.)
  • Wedding Elements (floral elements like those in your bouquet, colors that will be used throughout, etc.)


Depending on the detail involved in your elements, there may be additional fees associated with the crest cost.

Monogram Recommendations

The monogram will be the focal point of your crest and should represent the joining of two lives and families into one.  A few options include:

  • Single letter - Use your married monogram (first letter of your last name) to help in transitioning the crest into a family crest! This option can be used on details post-wedding, once you are officially married. 
  • Double letter - this monogram includes first initials, typically combined with an ampersand or intertwining details. 
  • Triple letter- this monogram will use your married last initial in the center, with the bride's first initial to the left and the groom's first initial to the right. 


  • Est. "Year" - this option celebrates the year your new family will be established! 
  • Your wedding date - this option showcases your exact wedding date.  

Design Process

Our design process will then begin after your order has been placed.  I'll provide a custom timeline to ensure we are on the same page with timing and planning.

I will first draw your custom crest design, and provide you with the sketched proof to review. You are allotted 3 free rounds of revisions, to ensure that your design is exactly as you envisioned!   After this, if major icon revisions or crest revisions need to be made, an additional design fee will be incurred depending on the intricacy of the revision(s).

Design Files

Once your crest is complete, you will receive the following file formats with your design:

  1. PDF
  2. JPG
  3. PNG

All files will be high-resolution and print-ready, with both transparent and white backgrounds.

Please note that these files are for personal use only.  The extended license provided is for individuals only and does not permit the use of this design for business (i.e. logo design, resale, etc.).  

Physical Pieces Provided

Your new crest will be shipped to you on a high-quality 8x10 print suitable for framing.  This design can be scaled up to 11x14 or 16x20, based on your requests at the start of the project.


Your art print will be printed specifically with you in mind.  Please allow seven business days for production prior to shipment.  Shipping will be handled through USPS Priority Mail, which takes an additional 1-4 business days.

Please note that once a package leaves our studio, it is solely in the hands of the USPS.  The Redheaded Camel will not be held responsible for any delays, lost packages, or undeliverable orders once it leaves our studio.  I will do my best to assist if there are issues with shipping.

Other Information

Refunds will not be provided, as we will work together to revise your sketch and design until you absolutely love it! 

If you choose to share your crest online or on social media, please credit The Redheaded Camel as the artist.  If your crest is to be photographed or published online, you are required to link to for credit.

My social media handle is @theredheadedcamel- and I would love to be tagged in addition to being mentioned in your post, so I can most easily see how you are creatively using your design!