Why I'm Headed Back to Pensacola | Society for Creative Founders Changed my Life!

If you've followed me on social media for long, you know about my love for Society for Creative Founders.  This extraordinary resource for female business owners changed my life and I am so excited to share more about how that happened today!  

In early 2018, I felt myself wondering what came next.  Almost four years into business, I was doing well, but not seeing all my dreams come true.  I had big ideas but not enough time.  Most of all, I felt lonely in the creative world - which happens sometimes.  As a creative entrepreneur, there are many times where people just don't "get" what it is that you do... or why it matters.  I was feeling that familiar emotion of loneliness and trying to keep pushing more new products into the world. 

When I had the opportunity to apply for the Creative Founders 2018 Scholarship, I jumped at the opportunity.  I felt completely and totally like God whispered, "Sarah, this is your time."  While I didn't receive the scholarship, I did have several opportunities to talk with the lady behind the magic, Kristin.  Her gentle and kind encouragement gave me further confidence I needed to take the leap.

So, right before the deadline, I called my fiance and talked to my mama, and asked for time off at work.  And at 11am on a Monday morning, I registered to go to Pensacola, where I knew no one, to do something I had never done before.

As it turns out, the experience at the Creative Founders Conference changed my life.  Here's a little glimpse at why.


Like I mentioned before, I was lonely.  A lot.  I'm one of the youngest business owners in any group, and I don't really fit in.  Also, people my actual age don't get why I'd rather process sales tax than go to a bar on a Saturday.  It's just different.  As soon as I walked in the doors at the conference, I felt like I'd found my people.  I walked in as a lone wolf and out with a group of friends who feel like sisters... many of whom I talk to weekly!  What a blessing it is to have people walking alongside you and cheering for you.  


Like most creative entrepreneurs, I taught myself almost everything I know.  Thanks, Google!  As great as that is, there are times when I just wish I knew a liiiiittle more about how a specific thing worked or how to make it work for me.  This conference was SO packed with content that helped me feel capable and knowledgeable about what matters most for my business.  I left with a full cup and a tired brain!  I also love that I have all my notes and scribbles from our sessions to carry with me and continue learning from.


Last but not least, SCF has given me opportunities to connect with people and to grow The Redheaded Camel in so many new ways.  Had it not been for this conference, I wouldn't have a new line of address stamps!  The friend who prints them is also a Conference alum.  I've branched into wedding design and feel confident about where that area of business is headed, thanks to Kristin's patience and guidance!  I have expanded our product line to include reproduced paintings and prints, and have begun offering my more abstract art on a larger scale.  Finding your groove at SCF is easy, and it's so empowering.  I have grown leaps and bounds since I flew home that Wednesday! 

When I walked into the doors at the Lee House in April 2018, I had never called myself an artist out loud.  To anybody.  Today, thanks to the encouragement, love, and knowledge that has come from my time learning from Society for Creative Founders, I am refreshed and renewed and so incredibly excited about the future of The Redheaded Camel.  My days in Pensacola were some of my favorite days of my whole life.  I am so grateful I leapt, and I want to encourage you today, too!  

I loved Creative Founders Conference so much that I am headed back this fall.  The speaker lineup is incredible, but even more than that, the thought of getting to wake up early and walk on the beach in a beautiful retreat filled with friends who understand my story and where I am is so exciting.  October 4 is so close I can hardly stand it!  There are a few slots remaining and y'all, I'm not joking.  This.  Will.  Change.  Your.  Life.  It sure did for me!  If you have questions about SCF or how it can impact your story as a creative entrepreneur, let's talk!  I would love to encourage you as you walk this journey or to even get to hang out with you next month in Pensacola!  

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