Why Every Modern Bride Needs a Wedding Crest

Why Every Modern Bride Needs a Wedding Crest

One of my favorite design services The Redheaded Camel offers is bespoke wedding crests.  These personalized, highly custom designs are perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds, and even new parents!  Of all the products I design for brides, these always find a special place in my heart!  Maybe it's because they are so personal and each one takes a piece of me to create, or maybe it's the look on a bride's face when she sees the final design printed just for her.  Whatever it is, I absolutely LOVE them!  

As a business owner and millennial with a degree in business, I am very passionate about branding, whether it's for a business, an event, or even a person.  The way we brand ourselves and our functions speaks volumes about the tone and style of the occasion, and I love how these bespoke wedding crests help in "branding" your wedding day from start to finish!  Imagine getting a save the date, an invitation, and even a thank-you note after the wedding, all with the couple's beautiful crest prominently featured on the design.  No question where it came from, right?!  Plus, the design of the crest aids guests in knowing the theme and "vibe" of the day - whimsical or classic or super formal.  Whatever it may be, they'll know from the moment they see it!

A Personalized Touch for Every Print

Anybody can order wedding invitations from an online printer and call it a day.  But, friend, we all know that every bride wants her invitations to stand out from the crowd.  That's where wedding crests come in!  Even if you aren't hiring a stationery designer to create your invitation suite and save the dates, a custom wedding crest is a wonderful way to add a special and personal touch to your paper pieces.  Whether you print it on envelope liners or have as a background on your RSVP card, the people who know and love you most will adore the addition of this special little detail that looks and feels just like you! 

An Heirloom Piece

At The Redheaded Camel, we firmly believe that the art and products you invest in for your wedding should last long after you say I Do.  Just like the other custom pieces in our Wedding Shop, wedding crests are created to stand the test of time and remain a special nod to your love story through the years.  You could embroider the crest on hand towels for your powder room or print it on stationery for every day occasions.  However you choose to incorporate it into life after you tie the knot, we know you'll smile every time you see it!

Thoughtful Branding on the Big Day

Have you considered what wedding favors you'll include on wedding day?!  If not, a wedding crest is a great place to start.  We've had brides use their custom crests for printing on can coolers, cocktail napkins for the day-of, and even welcome bags for destination weddings!  Instead of a "typical" wedding favor, use this one-of-a-kind piece to up the personal feel of your happily ever after - no matter what favor you choose.

Wedding crests are no doubt rising in popularity, though they're all incredibly different and truly one of a kind.  Choosing to invest in a piece that will stand the test of time and tell your story well is a wonderful way to kick off your design process for your wedding!  

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  • Alexandria Bullard

    I recently got engaged and am beginning to plan the wedding and am looking for save the dates and invitations also bridesmaids/groomsmen invites… I’d love to get a quote or see any ideas you may have.

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