The Camel Countdown | Life, Style, and Business Favorites from January 2019

Last summer, I started this little series called the Camel Countdown in an effort to share more life and style favorites with y'all.  But then, life got busy. I'm excited to be back and get started sharing my favorite things from the month of January with you!  

Is it just me or did January feel like the month that went on forever?  I think I say it every year, but January drags on for me!  However your month went, I hope you've crushed your New Years Resolutions (or goals, or intentions, or whatever you might call them) so far this year. 

Life is finally slowing down post-wedding and holiday season.  Q and I were pretty much traveling for the entire month of December (honeymoon cruise, Christmas, and then New Years!) and it's been nice to be back in our own space getting into a real routine.  I am definitely still a southern girl in the city here, but am learning my way around and enjoying it!

Let's talk a little bit about what I've loved this month!  For your convenience, if you click on the name of each item I'm sharing, you'll be taken straight to order for yourself!


Amazon Echo Dot | Alexa 

Q and I used an Amazon gift card we received as a wedding gift to invest in a couple of these devices.  We're still learning about all the cool stuff it can do (I feel like the possibilities are endless, y'all!) but are so far fascinated by the whole concept.  If you don't have Alexa at your house, you might be surprised by how much simpler she makes tasks - from turning on the lights to checking the weather before you walk out the door.  

Silicone Wedding Bands

One of my major priorities these days is health and wellness.  It started in 2018, when I decided to finally commit to regular exercise and eating vegetables, but now that I'm not running around like a crazy person, my fitness and wellness routines are definitely improving even more!  I got a silicone wedding band to wear on our honeymoon cruise, but have started wearing it to the gym, too.  They are affordable and great to wear when you're in a situation where the bling is just too much!  Highly recommend. 

Pilot Precise V5 Pens

Since our travel has slowed down and I'm back at my desk regularly, I am making lots of lists and working on calendars and #allthethings.  I've shared these before but wanted to share again - I love these pens!!  I don't know where I first found them but if you are in need of a game-changer writing utensil, this is it.  Thank me later. ;)

My Chapped Lip Remedy

I don't splurge very often on beauty products, except this one.  I swear by the Dior Lip Glow balm - it has enough color to make me look awake and alive, but it also is THE MOST moisturizing lip product I've ever tried.  For chapped lips this winter, give it a try - I promise you won't be disappointed!

The Best Hand Cream 

It is cold here.  Like, "I've never been so cold in my life kind of cold," y'all!  I have always had dry skin, but the dry/cold weather makes it significantly worse... and also painful.  Q's mom shared this hand cream with me and it has been a miracle worker!  I have one in my work bag (for when we're traveling/on the road) and one on my nightstand.  I think it's going to become one of those things I need to have with me at all times!


Business wise, one of my biggest focuses for 2019 is to plan ahead.  I know, I know - isn't that everyone's goal?!  One of my favorite tools for business planning is Planoly, which helps me to schedule social media posts and visualize what content we're sharing so that I can make sure I'm serving my audience in the best way possible!  If you're a business owner, I highly recommend that you explore how this tool can help you take back your life! 

January has been a quiet (but busy) month here.  I'd love to know the highlight of your first chapter of 2019 - comment below and tell me a favorite thing or memory from this month!

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