The Camel Countdown | Life, Style, and Business Favorites from March 2019

I can't believe March has already come and gone, y'all!  This month has been a great one - filled with our Blooms and Brushstrokes Collection launch, a quick trip home to Carolina, and LOTS of graduation caps.  I’m excited to share a few of my favorites from the month with y’all today and I hope you’ll find some things to try in April! As always, this post includes direct links to click and shop to keep it easy for you!

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Dr. Scholl’s Shoes -

I read a few reviews about the Dr. Scholl’s slip on sneakers over the past couple of months and I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a pair a couple of weeks ago!  As a former dancer, I have to be super careful about the shoes I wear because of discomfort. Slip-on sneaks are one of my favorite styles of shoes on other people, but I could never find any that worked for me… until now!  I wore these through the Newark airport and all during my trip to NC without a single blister, rubbed heel, or twinge of pain. They are super cute and comfortable… and affordable! Highly, highly recommend. Also - there are about a million color options, so I will definitely be investing in a more neutral pair soon!

Gingham Tote Bag

Now that Quentin is back at work (hello, golf season!), I like to go to Target on Saturday mornings just to peruse and see what’s new.  I was doing my weekly round earlier this month when I found the CUTEST gingham tote bag! As if I needed another reason to love it, it is navy gingham - my very favorite.  If gingham is wrong, I don’t want to be right, y’all!!! I am so excited to use this as a tote for my iPad and laptop and take it everywhere. Pop a monogram on there and you’re golden!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Speaking of monograms… I got a Cricut machine!  I’d been on the fence about this for months and could not decide if it was worth the investment.  I’ll be honest - I had a Silhouette machine several years ago and hated it. It was cumbersome, hard to operate, and just generally confusing…. So much so that I gave it away!  With that in my mind, I was very hesitant to take the plunge with the Cricut machine, but decided that for some new items for The Redheaded Camel, I needed to give it a try. I ordered on Amazon and it arrived less than 24 hours later!  

Within an hour, I had downloaded and installed the software, set up the machine, and cut my first project.  It is wireless, easy to use, and a pretty color!!! All the things that I was worried about have gone out the window.  Now I’m trying to come up with new ways to use it and create just for fun!


Y’all know I am trying to read more in 2019 and I am doing super well with my goal of one book per month so far!  This month, I actually read three books!, but the one that really resonated with me was Educated. I found myself talking about it with Quentin and thinking about it while I was on the elliptical machine.  I told my parents and my grandma and my aunt about it, too!  I think every single human could benefit from reading Tara Westover’s story and learning about the power of an education and creating your own destiny. I was persuaded to give it a read after I saw it was the Obama’s favorite book of 2018 and I was not disappointed.  I couldn’t put it down! (Also, I packed it in my suitcase so my parents can give it a read - I love passing books on to my loved ones once I’m finished with them!)

Amazon Prime

Now that I am one half of our own home, I am ALWAYS thinking of random things we need - like Magic Erasers, command strips, a new book, or a portable phone charger.  I use Amazon Prime for all kinds of different purchases and it makes our life so easy! I’ve had it for years but didn’t really start using it to the fullest until we got married and started our own home.  Now, I feel like I’m ordering something new every day! I am always so fascinated by how quicky (and safely) things arrive and will be a forever fan!

I am super excited to see what the new month has in store - I’m feeling like it is going to be a great one!  I’d love to know what you were obsessed with in March 2019 - comment below and tell me one thing you loved trying, using, or reading!

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