Simple, Easy to Implement Ways to Rock Your Work from Home

Hey y'all! What a weird season we find ourselves in right now!  I feel like things change by the hour and even by the minute, and with so many friends now navigating how to rock the "work from home" life, I wanted to share a few easy to implement things I do every day to make my workdays successful and manageable... and dare I say, fun!

  • Batch Work.  Group like tasks together so you don't have to keep mentally switching gears every time a new task pops up.  For example, tackle emails for half an hour, then work on invoices.  Then move onto something else.  This method will allow you to focus more deeply on the task at hand, then cross more off your to do list when the time is up!
  • Timers.  Speaking of time... set timers!  Q thinks it's so funny that I do this, but I totally do.  You can literally say to your iPhone, "Hey Siri, set a timer for 30 minutes."  I'll use that time frame (or whatever time frame I choose) to accomplish what I can - for example, a quick tidying up of the house or a rapidfire social media planning session.  When the timer sounds, I know it's time for me to do the next thing (or get ready for a call or make dinner or whatever else might be on the docket).
  • Have a schedule.  Even if it's loose, knowing that you'll work from 10 - 4 or that you take a break at 9:30 to go for a walk each morning, the structure and stability that comes with a schedule gives us peace of mind.  I live for a routine, y'all!  Stick to it the best that you can and give yourself grace.

I use a few tools to help make working from home simple and enjoyable.  Here are my favorites!

  • Asana:  I use this for collection planning, content planning, my personal calendar, and a "big picture" master calendar for the business that lists out every.single.thing we do.  It also works for communicating with our team (who is spread out across NJ, SC, NC, and NV)!
  • Dropbox:  When I need to share files with a team member and I can't send via Asana, I turn to Dropbox.  
  • Audible:  When I am doing something that doesn't require my brain to be super focused (like writing or math), I listen to audiobooks while I work.  I also enjoy listening to them when I take Brody for walks throughout the day!  You can click here for a free trial.

I hope that this post helps give you some encouragement and that wherever you are in the world today, that you feel equipped to make these important changes that will protect us all in the long run!  I'd love to know, what are you doing in your routine to make this uncertain time more joyful?  Comment below!

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