Shows to Watch and Books to Enjoy While at Home

Happy Monday! If you're staying in more than usual right now (I hope that you are!!), you might be in need of some entertainment for yourself and your family.  I totally get it!  In addition to the "everyday" things that must get done, in a season of uncertainty, simple pleasures feel even more special.  Today, I'm sharing a few recommendations of TV shows and books that will help you pass the time and enjoy your mandated stay-cation!

Shows to Watch

  • Schitt's Creek (my favorite "funny, feel good" show - I've seen every episode twice)
  • Grey's Anatomy (so many seasons - you won't run out!)
  • This is Us (prepare for a good cry... every single episode)
  • A Million Little Things (a current favorite for Q and me)
  • Scandal (a little politics and a little mystery)
  • Revenge (one of my dad's favorites of all time!) 
  • Fraiser (if you're looking for a hilarious, dry-humored sitcom to lighten the mood)
  • Gilmore Girls (good for the whole family and just makes you feel good!)
  • Good Doctor (such a sweet story and interesting medical cases, too)
  • Manifest (a little creepy - I can't watch before bed, but it sucks you in!)
  • Handmaid's Tale (I haven't watched this, but my parents have)

Books to Read

I think this season is the perfect chance to knock out a ton of reading!  I just ordered three new books and am listening to one on Audible, too.  Here's a rundown of some of my must-reads from 2019 (and of all time), as well as what I'm reading now.

It feels like this time is the perfect opportunity to rest and recharge - even if it wasn't planned, isn't the most convenient month, or comes with challenges (like working from home with kids home, too).  I hope you'll take this unexpected opportunity to fill your cup and enjoy some simple pleasures that you might not normally have time for.  Whether it's a book, a movie, or a funny show, find joy in the simple things today, sweet friends.  Sending hugs (or elbow bumps - lol!) to you today!

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