Seven Years and the Future of RHC

Hi friends!

It is impossible for me to start this week without feeling ALL the feelings. No, really...The Redheaded Camel's birthday gets me more emotional than my OWN birthday! Seven years ago, armed with my mom's credit card (thanks mom!) and a logo I made in Microsoft Word (yikes), I started an adventure that I never expected would bring me here.

This was one of my very first events from 2014. In those early days, it was all canvas and paint pens (oh, the paint pens!!!). I truly had no idea that my passion for creating happy homes was buried inside all these designs. PS: If you still own one of these, reply to this email and let me hook you up with something a little more "current" ;)

If you've been here since the beginning, you've watched this business grow up right along with me - from pressing "open" on an Etsy shop in 2014 at my summer job to falling in love with a boy from my accounting class, graduating from college, working a full-time big girl job while running The Redheaded Camel late every night, taking a leap of faith and taking the business full time, moving 500 miles away from home, changing directions, introducing new products, and so much more.

The past seven years have been full of joys and triumphs, heartbreaks and challenges, mistakes and sooooo many lessons learned. To look back at where I started and stand today armed with confetti and a heart full of gratitude is such a gift. It's seriously, without doubt, because of you.

The best word I have to describe this feeling is grateful. I could never have predicted that this would be my life, but because of you and because of God, here we are.

No matter how much the business changes or grows, at the heart of it all, it's still just me... a girl with a paintbrush and high hopes to help you choose happy - even when it's not easy - and to help you intentionally celebrate every single day.

The Redheaded Camel means the world to me and to my family, and we have YOU to thank. I am humbled and grateful and might have cried writing this note to you today.

Here's to many more years of creating happy homes and joy-filled celebrations. I can't wait to see what year eight brings.

PS: Our 7th annual Birthday Sale-a-Bration starts at 8am on Friday, 6/25! See you then.

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