Our Simplest Decorating Solution for Spring!

With the promise of warmer weather, sunny days, and fresh air, I am excited to give my space a little refresh and TLC... and I bet you are, too!  Adding new decor to your home can be overwhelming and stressful - there are so many options, patterns, and styles to consider.  That's why I'm here!  

The Redheaded Camel is committed to offering you simple, beautiful, customizable items that takes the stress out of decorating and celebrating.

Let's chat about one of my very favorite (and easiest!) ways to add a little seasonal happy to your home today -- pillows!  There are a ton of reasons why pillows make super easy AND super fun seasonal decor.  

For those of us who have a sort of "style" to our home, swapping out allll the seasonal decorations can be daunting.  Does it match?  Where will I put it?  Do I need command strips?  Pillows take all that stress away, friend!  Simply toss it onto your sofa, loveseat, or even the bench on your front porch for a sweet touch of the season without all the overwhelm.

Pillows are also fabulous because they are so easy to store!  If you're looking for a decorating solution that doesn't have a large footprint - this is the option for you.  Once you've got one pillow with an insert, you are good to go!  After that, just order seasonal pillow covers (like our Boxwood Bunny or Happy Easter Y'all) without the insert and swap those covers on and off each season.  This allows for super easy storage - just add the pillow covers in with your seasonal table linens and save 'em for next year.  Seriously... so easy!

The last major perk of seasonal pillows is their versatility.  Whether you need a pop of color in your living room, back porch, or your office, a pillow can do the trick in an instant!  There's no guesswork, no wondering if the size will work in the space, and no question of how to hang.  Literally just toss and go!

Our Spring 2019 pillows are a fabulous option if you need a simple solution for a quick home refresh this season.  Whether you love a bright pop of color or a more traditional style, we've got you covered with two brand new designs that will add that extra "something" to any space.  Click here to grab your pillows (or pillow covers, if you already have an insert!) and get your space feeling extra special for spring!

Happy decorating!

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