My Favorite Totes on MAJOR Sale!

My Favorite Totes on MAJOR Sale!

It's no secret that I love Thirty-One Gifts.  The Large Utility Totes are my go-to item for gifts, for my car, for hauling groceries from the store to my pantry, and most notably, trips to the Post Office.  

Thirty-One is having a major sale this week and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites in case you are in need of some cute, functional pieces for your home!  

Thirty-One totes go with me on the regular to drop off goodies at my favorite shop, Cute Closet Boutique! 

Large Utility Tote 

This tote is as FUN as it is functional!  I use them for everything and literally keep them in my car, office, and studio.  They keep things organized and the inserts to keep the sides standing up are great as well!  Of course, I absolutely love the sprinkles pattern.  Are you surprised?!

Stand Tall Bin

These bins are perfect for storing wrapping paper!  As you may know, all RHC products come wrapped (even if it's not a gift!) just to make it a little more happy when you open it.  I use a bin like this one to store all my wrapping paper.  You could totally put all your holiday paper in your attic and have it stored safely, sans crinkles and wrinkles.

Large Wallet

This wallet is a staple in my work bag!  I've had a hot pink one, a striped one, and a mint green one and I love that you can wipe them down with a clorox wipe (#ocd).  They also can fit my iPhone 7 Plus (and still zip!!!) which is a major win.  Add a wrist strap and you're golden.

Mini Caddies

These little guys are so functional it's not even funny!  I use them for a variety of things, but most importantly, I use them in my bathroom.  I have one for my makeup products (and I'm super careful to only include items I actually use daily), and another one for my hair things (like clips, hair ties, bobby pins, and heat protectant).  Having them within reach but not cluttering my countertop is so helpful and looks cute, too! The pattern I have is discontinued, but I like the Grey Brush Strokes and Sparkling Squares to keep things neutral and neat.

Those are my favorites, y'all!  Do you use Thirty-One products?  Which is your favorite?!  I'd love to know! 

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