Hi friends! There are so many fantastic deals to take advantage of this weekend, and I'll be the first to tell you - I am scrolling through alllll of them!  Today, I wanted to share my best Amazon purchases ever with you to help you make a plan for your online shopping!  Keep reading to see my favorite recommendations that I use every.single.day from good ole Amazon!

*some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive an incentive on qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.  All opinions and thoughts are my own!

All of the products featured in this post are shoppable; simply click on the title to shop on Amazon!

Conair Fabric Defuzzer

I know, I know.  This sounds crazy.  But y'all.  Pilling is one of those things that just drives me nuts... and I had to figure out how to fix it.  We have a beautiful sofa, but the fabric pills terribly.  I went on a hunt to figure out how to de-pill our beautiful sofa and found this device on Amazon for under $25, so I pulled the trigger.  This thing WORKS.  I use it about once a week on our sofa to get any pilling taken care of, and also use it on sweaters and blouses that have the same issue.  The charge lasts forever (I literally haven't had to charge it since I bought it in July) and I can't imagine not having it anymore.  Highly, highly recommend!!!

Bluetooth Phone Tripod

One challenge of being married to a golf pro is that between the months of May - October, if I need a photo for our social media, I either have to get up and get ready at 5am (and take the picture in the dark) or do a balancing act with my camera on books and tupperware to make it work on my own.  I started searching for something that would make life a little easier... and I found it!  This phone tripod fully extends to nearly five feet tall and has a bluetooth remote that connects to your phone, so you can get the pose just right and then click to take the picture without worrying about a self timer!  I use this thing all the time and even though I felt a little silly at first, it is such a life saver that it's totally worth any funny looks you might get.  If you're a small family who wants more than just selfies in your camera roll or a business owner who needs apparel pictures when the light is just right, trust me and add this to your cart


Conair Infiniti Curling Iron

Over the years, I've received a ton of messages about how I fix my hair!  While I am far from a beauty expert, I do enjoy playing around with different products and tools, and this curling iron is my holy grail.  I've tried expensive ones (they burn my hair!) and wands from other brands, but I always, always come back to my trusty Conair.  I use the 1 inch, but have also used a 1.5 inch when my hair was longer!  I love that I can control the amount of heat and that it doesn't catch my hair in the clamp (the worst!!!).  Truly, if you're on the hunt for a curling iron that won't break the bank but gets the job done like a high-end one, grab this one

Dymo 4XL LabelWriter

This is less personal, more business, but I had to include it.  For over four years, I printed every shipping label on my regular printer, cut them out, and attached them to boxes with shipping tape.  I can't even begin to tell you how much time and effort (and tape!!!) that took every day - for thousands of orders over the years!  I finally invested in a Dymo printer last year on Black Friday after being encouraged by so many friends who own them... and I have been amazed.  My time and energy spent on labels is so much less these days!  If you're a business owner and you mail physical products, I can't tell you how valuable this device is and how much time it will save you!  Seriously - go grab one and let me know in one month how much time you've saved on shipping prep!

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 

Who would have thought that you could buy cast iron on Amazon?!  Well, you can... and I did.  I needed it for one recipe and it has turned out to be one of my most-used kitchen items to-date.  I can't recommend the Lodge brand enough, and the price point is excellent, too!  I use our cast iron (I have a grill pan now, too) for all kinds of things, including baking Q's favorite honey-buttermilk biscuits.  I think a cast iron skillet is one of those things every girl needs in her kitchen, and this is my favorite! 

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