Learn Hand Lettering in 2019 | Introducing the Camelligraphy Lettering Club!

Happy 2019, y'all!  I am so excited about all the things this new year holds.  As you're setting your New Years Resolutions and goals for 2019, I am ecstatic to finally introduce our new subscription, the Camelligraphy Lettering Club!

For over a year, I've been planning and dreaming about how an online lettering course could help teach you the tips and tricks I've learned over the past (almost) five years of finding my own unique lettering style.  Every time we asked for your feedback, the biggest request I received was "please offer lettering resources!

Our Camelligraphy Lettering Club is the culmination of these requests and is perfect for beginning letterers and more advanced friends who want to curate their skills and learn new techniques.  The club is all online, so you can practice in your jammies from the comfort of your own home!  Plus, I know you're really busy... and I want you to be able to go at a pace that is tailored to your schedule and lifestyle, so it's something you'll look forward to - not one more thing on your to-do list. 

Each month, Camelligraphy Lettering Club members will receive a digital mini magazine that includes seasonal phrases with step by step instructions on how to hand-letter them.  You'll also receive project ideas, a supplies list (that has my very favorite items!), and access to our private Facebook community!

Speaking of community... the capstone of the Camelligraphy Lettering Club is the online community.  This space will be available to all club members to share progress, ask questions, and receive bonus lessons from The Redheaded Camel!  Inside the community, there will be weekly prompts for goal setting, as well as mini lessons via live video! 

This project has been on my heart and the forefront of my mind for months and launching it into the world today is so exciting!  It is my hope that our Camelligraphy Club will serve as a resource to you as you begin (or continue!) your journey as an artist and hand letterer and that it will provide a place of community and connection with other like-minded ladies. 

Long-term, we'll be adding more lettering resources to help aspiring artists and creatives, too!  From lettering bundles to alphabet guides, these additional resources will help you refine your skills to create a style that is totally your own.  My hope is that these resources give you confidence and support as you explore hand lettering as an art and learn about all the opportunities that can be found as a letterer!

Whether you use lettering as a creative outlet or hope to start a business of your own, you are welcome here!   In 2019, give yourself the gift of learning a new skill and finding creativity inside every day.  I'd love to see you inside the Camelligraphy Lettering Club - registration is open now!  

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