Introducing our Unfiltered Collection!

When I first opened The Redheaded Camel, I was 19 years old... and that was a whole decade ago!  Over the past 10 years, our customers and followers have watched me grow up - and a lot of y'all have grown up right along with me.  While I am certainly still that same girl who loves sparkles and confetti and any excuse to celebrate, I've learned (and grown) a LOT over the past decade of life.  

I appreciate a well-placed, appropriately emphasized swear word, I roll my eyes occasionally, and some days I just have to laugh.  Because really, isn't being a grown up just a little like that sometimes?!  Snarky, sassy things didn't really "click" for me a decade ago, but now... I get it.  Which is why, today, we're unveiling a new (and very new to RHC) collection: The Unfiltered Collection. 

This collection of products features the same bright colors, fun lettering, and whimsical style you know and love - but it's real.  Because even though we're always choosing happy around here, sometimes you just have to call it like it is.  

I've been dreaming about this collection and these specific designs (and which ones to include) for months and hope you'll love the new apparel, office supplies, drinkware, and more.  Be sure to shop the collection today and leave a comment to let me know which design speaks to you most! 

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