Easy, Inexpensive Coffee Table Styling Tips for Spring

Apartment living is no joke, y'all!  Suddenly, everything has to have a purpose and be chosen with intention.  No more buying just to buy!  Since we're working with a small space, it doesn't take much to make a statement (which has its perks!).  If you feel like making a coffee table fancy and functional is impossible, keep reading to see how it's done.  Today I'm sharing specifics for spring coffee table decor - I hope you'll give your space an upgrade with these tips! 

I've also included clickable links to some of my recommendations for you!  All the text in bold can be clicked for you to shop straight from this post!

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First of all, choose a table that is functional.  What you can put on it can be trendy and cute, but the table itself should stand the test of time.  I love the ones with small drawers (ahem, no remotes on the table, please) for easy storage that's within arm's reach.  Click here for a beautiful neutral option!  Choosing something like this table (click to see!) with a space for baskets is also a great option!  Selecting your table is probably the hardest step of all, so don't be discouraged if something doesn't stand out right away.  Be patient, take your time, and decide on an item that you really love and look forward to using for years to come.  

Start Layering

Figure out what color scheme and style you're going for, and start stacking!  I recommend using the largest items first, like coffee table books (this one is beautiful and has great Southern stories and recipes from Reese Witherspoon), a serving tray (this one is beautiful!) , or a fun photo album.

Add Color

Once the bottom layer is placed, choose the fun stuff!  Trinkets and books are great options, as are fun coasters and mementos from trips and adventures.  A few of my favorite ideas:

  • Southern Living or Country Living Magazine:  having a seasonal magazine or book on the table adds some relevant colors to your space without being overly festive if it's just "springtime"
  • Something Personal:  I'm an artist and I'm working on something almost all the time.  I often keep my current sketchbook on the table as a functional item, but also as a piece of art!  (If we have people coming over and the art inside is still top secret, I'll put it in my office.)
  • What You're Reading:  literally, leave what you're reading in a cute stack!   I read more than Q does, so usually it's just a couple of my current choices.  Right now, I'm reading Start with Why and Educated (on sale right now and at the top of the best seller list!).
  • Functional Stuff:  We have fun coasters that we leave out, and more "utilitarian" ones in the mini basket under the table.  
  • Faux Flowers:  I love having a touch of seasonal charm in our space, so I choose faux flowers that look lifelike and switch them out with the seasons.  It's so fun to create your own bouquets this way, and there's NO work required to keep them looking great!  I love these for springtime, as well as this pretty bouquet that's great all year long.

One added touch that I love to incorporate each season is a piece of art that can be framed and swapped out from time to time.  This month, I'm displaying our free printable for St. Patrick's Day, and for Easter, I'll switch it for the print that's featured in our HoliYAY Happy Box (launches next Wednesday!).  You can click right here to grab your freebie for St. Patrick's Day to add some extra happy to your space.

I hope this post helps you find some inspiration to upgrade your coffee table this season and give your space a little facelift!  Whether you've lived somewhere for years or it's brand new to you, adding a pop of color with flowers and life through pieces you love is a fun and inexpensive way to make a house feel like home.  

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