Get Organized with Our Newest Collection!

Planning your weeks can be stressful.  It's so hard to find a practical way to organize your life, your to-do list, and those dreams you want to get done "someday."  With you in mind, I designed some products for your office, desk, and home, to make planning and organizing a little less stressful and a lot more colorful.

I am overjoyed to introduce our first ever wall calendar, along with some companion products I think you are going to love!

First up, our very first wall calendar!  I can't begin to even tell you how many hours and revisions have been made to this design.  I've tweaked, nudged, prayed, and edited our calendar to make sure it makes sense and makes life easier!  I wanted this to be something you'll actually use and enjoy in the process.  

A few notable features of our newest (and most colorful) product:

  1. 12-month academic rotation (August 2018 - July 2019)
  2. Tear away pages that you can either save to reflect on at the end of the year or toss as a "clear your mind" act
  3. Hand-drawn doodles and illustrations by me! for every month 
  4. Pre-printed holiday and special occasion reminders (we're talking about Christmas, Thanksgiving, AND National Puppy Day - because every day deserves to be celebrated)
  5. Comes wrapped with a big bow to make your mailbox way happier!

For me, this wall calendar will serve as a place to see my month at a glance.  Appointments, meetings, and big launches all find their home here, along with special occasions, and of course, holidays we can't overlook.

Weekly Notepads

Our new Weekly Notepad offers a space to plan your week and get all the things floating in your head down on paper, without getting overwhelmed at seeing the whole month.  Things like grocery shopping, haircuts, big presentations, homework/projects that are due, and even what you're cooking for dinner can find their place here. 

Having everything written out in one place helps so much in managing your time and staying on top of projects and goals.  Plus, it's big enough to actually be able to read what you write down with 11x8.5 inches of space for planning!

The Weekly Notepad comes in two design options - I LOVE both and honestly don't know which I will end up using!  The 50 sheets are tear-away pages that you can use for a week and discard, or use the back for scratch paper later.  

And, finally, desk notepads for a place to catch all your biggest dreams and "don't forget" items.  

Once your month and week are planned, there are still other thoughts, ideas, or items that might pop up.  That's why we also created customized notepads for your desk or kitchen counter or wherever makes the most sense for you

Vertical notepads are great for getting additional stuff out of your head and onto paper.  For example, I write down product ideas I've thought of, as well as that thing my boss at my real job needed me to remember for the second Tuesday of next month. 

I literally keep notepads everywhere - one in my car, one on my desk, one on my studio table, and one on my nightstand (in case I have ideas while I'm falling asleep).  With 50 tear-away pages on each pad, there's plenty of room for all your best ideas and to-do lists!  

I hope you are as excited about our newest products as I am!  I truly believe in the power of planning and organizing your thoughts and hope that these paper products will offer you peace of mind and help you tackle your biggest goals in style!

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