Fun and Functional Gift Ideas for your Favorite Twenty-Something

My twenty-fifth birthday is right around the corner, and this time of year, I always curate a little “wish list” to share with friends and family!  If you’re looking for some things to add to your own personal wish list for your birthday or the upcoming holiday season, look no further, friend! Here’s a quick rundown of a few things on my list this year… and the good news is, they’re all Amazon Prime eligble! ;) 

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All of the products featured in this post are shoppable; simply click on the title to shop on Amazon!

Sonix Tortoise Phone Case 

When I was younger, I was obsessed with changing my phone cases all the time.  As I’ve gotten older, I tend to stick with one that I really love… until it’s totally covered with paint and needs to be replaced.  I’ve had my eye on this tortoise-shell pattern case; it’s strong enough to keep my phone safe and secure (which matters a lot since I work from my phone a lot!) and fashionable for every season.

Roomba Robot Vacuum

I think I’ll get vetoed for this for my birthday, since it’s a cleaning device, but I am hoping it might make an appearance for Christmas!  My best friend got a robot vacuum recently and can’t stop raving about it. After realizing how much stuff accumulates by our front door and on our kitchen floor (usually when I’m baking), I am convinced a Roomba will make all the difference.  Fingers crossed, y’all!

America's Test Kitchen The Perfect Cookie Cookbook

It’s no secret that I love baking.  A friend of mine introduced me to America’s Test Kitchen, and I’ve had my eye on this cookie cookbook ever since!  I am a firm believer that there is truly no limit to the amount of different chocolate chip cookie recipes one can have in her baking arsenal, and I am excited to learn from these new recipes!  

Silpat Baking Mats

Another baking-focused wish is for a couple of silicone baking mats.  My favorite blogger, Sally from Sally's Baking Addiction, says these are a must-have for serious bakers, and as much parchment paper as I go through these days, I’d like a more environmentally-friendly option!  This brand is the gold standard, and I seriously think they’re going to make all the difference in creating quality baked goods. 

Under Armour Lounge Joggers

Y’all know I’ve been really dedicated to health and fitness for about a year.  I have a lot of barre-focused workout clothes (like leggings and tanks!), but am truly obsessed with these Under Armour joggers.  I need a smaller size now, and can’t wait to get a new pair to enjoy all winter long! They’re perfect for running errands and lounging at home.

All-Season Candle 

I absolutely love Candleberry Candle Co. - their scents are always so long-lasting and remind me of the sweetest memories!  I always love receiving candles as gifts because they’re something I’ll use again and again. A classic, all-season scent like this one is perfect for gifting or receiving for yourself because it can refresh any room in a heartbeat, any time of year.  

Hydroflask Water Bottle 

Finally, a perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your shopping list this year is a nice water bottle.  I can’t tell you how much easier it is to drink water when you’ve got it right beside you, all day long!  I am a huge fan of Corkcicle, but have had my eye on a Hydroflask for a while - I can’t wait to see what all the hype is about!  They come in so many fun colors and patterns and are perfect for dressing up with a few fun stickers… dare I say, from The Redheaded Camel?! ;) I love the ones with a straw because it makes getting those ounces even easier.

Alrighty, friends!  I would love to know - are any of these items making your wishlist this season?!  Whether you're making a list for your birthday or even for the upcoming Christmas season, each of these suggestions will put the fun in functional!  Comment below and let me know - what's on your list for receiving this year?

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