Four Ways to Use Door Hangers in Any Home

In case you missed it... Door hangers can be used for WAY more than just your front porch!! Here are four effortless AND simple ways to style your RHC door hangers!

Front Porch Decor
Pop on your front door for an easy interchangeable decor piece!  This looks especially great when you coordinate with a garden flag and a festive welcome mat.  Our door hangers come ready to enjoy straight out of the box, so you can literally open it up and display right away!

Indoor Decor
Use your door hanger inside for a fun seasonal item you will see everyday!  This is a great option for closet doors or maybe even your pantry.  My mom loves to display door hangers on her garage entrance so she will get to see it daily!  If you don't often use your front door, consider adding a door hanger somewhere you will see it - the whole idea is to have it somewhere that will make you smile!

Bookshelves and Built Ins
Use a door hanger on a shelf of any kind for a pop of color among your other "everyday" decor!  While the word "hanger" is in the name, it certainly isn't a requirement... simply prop it up wherever it looks best within your decorated shelves for an easy-to-swap addition to your space.  Bonus:  Since our door hangers are personalized, they feel extra special when used in this setting! 

Take to work and add some happy to your office!
Oftentimes, our offices lack personal touches - even if they are cute, they probably aren't filled with seasonal and holiday pieces!  Grab a door hanger to swap out each month for your office (or classroom!) door.  Colleagues will love seeing them change throughout the year!

You can create tons of joy and celebration with every single door hanger... the options are limitless!  My goal is to help you take the stress out of celebrating and decorating.  With our door hanger of the month subscription and the option for bonus designs every month, creating a happy home and life has never been simpler!

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