Five Easy Ways to Gift a Personalized Stamp

Our semi-annual Stamp-a-Palooza is in full swing, and I am so excited about all the mail that's going to be happier very soon!  One question I often receive about our stamps is "who could I gift one to?!"  Today, let's chat about five easy ways to gift a custom return address stamp.  Trust me - this is a gift that is always well-received and super appreciated!

Bride to Be

For a newly-engaged gal in your life, our Future Mrs. stamp is a thoughtful and sweet surprise.  We can ship straight to her with a note from you inside, or you could save it for an engagement party or bridal shower!  There are few seasons of life that are more important for thank you notes than a wedding, and a custom stamp will help the bride-to-be save time and celebrate her new name every time she uses it.  Of all the gifts she'll receive, I'd bet that this one will top the "most-used" list! 


Sometimes, there isn't something just right on the bridal registry to gift for a wedding.  If that's the case, or if you prefer to give something more personal, a personalized stamp is the perfect option for weddings and newlyweds.  On top of being functional and practical, it's also likely that a custom stamp will be the first time the new Mr. and Mrs. see their name printed.  How special is that?!  If you wanted to up-level this gift, simply find a neutral monogrammed stationery set and add a book of stamps.  


Around the holidays, it's always hard to know what to share with our neighbors!  Whether you know them well or just say hello in passing, it's still thoughtful to surprise neighbors with a gift once in a while.  Since you know their decorating style, choose a stamp that best fits their personality and let me do the rest!  A custom stamp says "I'm glad to know you" and is unique and personal, too.  Plus, you already know their address - so there's no awkward asking for that information!


Coworkers can be notoriously difficult to shop for!  Of course, there are people in your workplace that you want to celebrate with - we spend more hours working than we do at home, y'all.  A seasonal stamp is a great treat for a coworker that shows you care and appreciate them!

New Homeowner

I have a feeling that you know at least one friend who's moved this year!  A new stamp is the perfect treat for a friend as a celebration of their new home.  Whether you choose a seasonal or everyday design, the sentiment is the same - we're happy to celebrate with you as you begin your journey in this new space!

There are countless occasions that are a perfect match for a personalized stamp, y'all!  I hope this post will inspire you to cross some people off your shopping list for the holiday season and find a treat that they'll use again and again (and rave about whenever they see you!).  Don't forget, the vault closes at midnight on Sunday, September 29, so don't miss out!  Click here to order your stamps for all your friends and family before they're gone.

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