Camel Countdown | 003

Camel Countdown | 003

Happy Friday!  Another week down means another list of goodness that I've enjoyed this week.  In no particular order, here's what's been on my radar!

Corkcicle Straw

I've loved Corkcicle for a couple of years now and am obsessed with my 25 oz. tumblers.  They make staying hydrated easy and colorful, y'all!  When I found these stainless steel straws for the tumblers, I was hooked.  Plus the price point (with two in each pack!) was a no-brainer.  Seriously, so good!  I find that it's so much easier to drink water when you have a straw (and even more so when it's not a paper straw that gets all limp and yucky by lunchtime).  Literally, I can't say enough good things about this $5 investment!  

Nudestix Eyeshadow in "Angel"

I heard about these through several actual beauty bloggers, including my favorite, Kate from The Small Things Blog.  When I was at Ulta recently, I swatched almost every color to see if I could find a winner for my very fair skin/blue eye combo.  I liked the light rose-gold of "Angel" and decided to give it a try!  I don't wear much makeup on a daily basis, and I like my typical style to be natural with a "dewy" finish.  The shade I got is a "magnetic" shade (their fun word for metallic) so it works perfectly.  It stays on all day, doesn't crease or have fall-out, and is an easy everyday neutral.

Literally, I color a little onto my eyelids, blend with my fingers, swipe on some liner and mascara, and my eyes are done!  I usually take no more than 7-8 minutes for makeup, but I've gotten it down to a solid five minutes thanks to this product! 

Ellen Degeneres EllenTube

If you're having a bad day, Ellen will cheer ya right up.  I saw the sweetest video of a huge surprise they did for one of her team members, Jeannie, for her 10 year work-iversary and got a little teary-eyed!  Seriously, worth the watch.  Let's all spread a little more joy this week!  

The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex

Does anyone else just love the Royal Family?  I'm kind of obsessed.  Plus, I semi-legitimately thought I was going to marry Prince Harry, so I had to see him through the "I Do's" last weekend!  I have loved seeing the messages of positivity the couple displays and shares with the world, and of course, I love that Meghan Markle is a #gogirl kind of girl.  

My favorite moments from the Royal Wedding:  Meghan walking herself down the aisle (#girlpower), Princess Charlotte being so stinkin' precious!, "Stand By Me" during the ceremony, and the sweetest looks from Prince Harry to Meghan throughout the whole event.  So sweet, y'all! 

Also... there is a photo of Meghan Markle - I mean, the Dutchess of Sussex - on the fence of Buckingham Palace posing for a photo with a friend when she was sixteen.  OMG.  I love serendipity.  So cool!

So, there you have it... this week's favorite things!  I'd love to know - what have you enjoyed using, seeing, reading, or watching this week?  Comment below!

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