Black FriYAY Wants and Finds

Happy Black FriYAY, y'all!  Are you ready to conquer all the sales online and in stores this weekend?!  Personally, I am a huge fan of shopping online (hello, introvert!) and love to scroll through the sales to find the perfect items.  This morning, I'm rounding up some of my finds and "wish list" items to inspire you as you shop the sales all weekend long! 

*some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive an incentive on qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.  All opinions and thoughts are my own!

All of the products featured in this post are shoppable; simply click on the title to shop on Amazon!

My best advice for shopping online this weekend... 

1.  Be quick!  Many items are limited in quantity and some deals are "lightning deals" (especially on Amazon).  If you see something you want, snag it! 

2.  Remember your budget.  It's easy to get caught up in all the posts and blogs and emails, but don't forget what fits your budget and lifestyle.  If you don't truly love it or need it, it's okay to pass it up! 

3.  Have fun!!  After all, this weekend is, most importantly, about being thankful.  Having the means to shop and find new things is a blessing and should be fun, not stressful or overwhelming!

For this post, you can click on the item name (underlined!) and it will take you straight to shop that product!  Easy peasy, right?!  Happy shopping! 

1.  Roomba Vacuum - This has been on our wish-list for months, y'all!  We've been patiently waiting till today to grab one on major sale and I am so excited.  As much as I cook and bake, I need something to do a quick clean of the floors every day, and this is going to be next-level helpful!

2.  USA Bakeware Cookie Sheets - Another practical item I'm adding to my cart this weekend is a new set of cookie sheets.  This brand is the gold-standard in the baking world and works perfectly with my favorite silpat baking mats.  Can't wait to get some cookies baked with these very soon! 

3.  AirPods - Personally, I don't listen to music a ton - I like the quiet and if I am listening to something, I don't use headphones or earbuds!  However, Q uses them a TON when practicing on the driving range and sometimes even when playing a round of golf, so I'm excited to grab him a set of AirPods to enjoy.

4. Cloudfoam Sneakers - I love athleisure wear, especially since I work from home!  I wear Brooks running shoes for exercising, but have wanted a less "bulky" pair for more casual wear, like when I am wearing leggings or joggers and running errands.  These are on major sale and are the perfect low-profile style for casual outfits!  So many colors, too! 

5.  Air Fryer - I am obsessed with my Instant Pot and Crock Pot, and am really hoping to snag an Air Fryer on sale this weekend!  Several of my friends own them and swear by them, and I think as much cooking as I do, it would totally be worth the investment!  I asked my friends on Facebook earlier this month if it's something they love having and so many people said YES!

6.  Travel Steamer - I don't have to dress up very often (perks of the job!!!).  But, when I do, I like to look put together.  I always, always hang dry my clothes (literally, nothing I own goes in the dryer ever), which creates more chances for pesky wrinkles.  I don't super love to iron, so I'm considering snagging a travel-size steamer to store in the closet for when I need a quick touch-up before going out for the day.

7.  Stainless Cookware - When we got married, Q had already lived in our apartment for almost a year, and had cookware from college that was his great-grandmother's (and some random other pieces) here.  Now that I actually really enjoy cooking, I think it's time to upgrade to something really high-quality that will last us for many years to come!  I've got my eye on these stainless-steel sets from Cuisinart and can't wait to snag one.

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