Behind the Scenes at the RHC Studio

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our RHC Subscriptions?

There's a whole lot of painting, personalizing, sorting, folding, bow making, packing, and shipping that goes into each and every month!

For the Door Hanger Club, we start with a monthly personalization survey to get subscribers' preferences so I can make sure their door hangers are just right! We offer a variety of personalization options every month so that every member receives a door hanger that is perfect for their home and family.

Each door hanger takes several coats of paint, plus my "signature Sarah" touches before being drilled and finished for packing.

While I'm painting, our monthly Tee Shirt and Teacher Tee Shirt Club designs are being printed in Greenville, South Carolina. All of our apparel is printed in the USA and I love being able to support another small business along the way!

Next, it's time to have a packing prep party! This requires folding boxes, packaging products, unboxing shirts, sorting and folding, and getting everything ready to go. No two orders are just alike!

Once all the shirts and door hangers are finished and everything is prepped, we pack each box individually. Our subscriptions aren't like those from a mega-company... they are customized for each one of our subscribers based on sizes, personalization, bonuses, and bundles.

We take our time and and so much care with each box to ensure they're just right when delivered to your door!

We're SO excited to share that all three of our beloved RHC Clubs are reopening on June 22! If you've been around long, you know this happens only once a year, so when it does, you don't want to miss it!

For now, get excited and set your alarms for launch day on Thursday, June 22! I know you're going to love the endless ways to get happy!


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