All About Our Easter Buckets!

Our Easter Buckets are back for 2024 and better than ever!  New designs, a new bucket style, and the same hand-painted quality you know and love.  Here's the scoop on our 2024 buckets! 

I am so proud of and excited about this year's Easter buckets... so I wanted to share a little of the story with y'all!  

When we first launched buckets in 2020, I had two designs - a bunny with a hairbow or bowtie and my signature florals.  Those have been so beloved and special through the years but I felt strongly that it was time for a change!  The original designs have served us well and been shipped all around the country to hundreds of kiddos for the Easter season, but I knew there was more to come.  So, I started painting! 

Before we get to those designs, let me tell you about the buckets, because they're new too! 

We did a poll in our VIP Facebook group and the consensus was overwhelming - y'all wanted white buckets for a change!  I was a little uncertain but WOW I'm glad I listened.  They are too cute!  These buckets are bright white and measure 9 inches at the widest point.  That's another thing to note... our large buckets are back for 2024!  I heard y'all loud and clear and worked so hard to source the larger size again.  Now you get the best of both worlds:  a new color and the large size for extra goodies to fit perfectly! 

This year, I'm delighted to introduce three brand NEW designs for your Easter celebrations.  Let me show them to you! 

First, the design I envisioned before I even started painting.  A cute bunny butt in tall green grass!!  There are Easter eggs in pastels all around the bucket and it comes personalized with the name of your choice.  If you have a little man and want to change these colors to be more boyish, we can totally accommodate that, too. 

I called my friend Nicole (my resident opinion on all things boys and boy mom) to see if she thought we needed a boy sample of the Bunny Butt design.  Her answer:  "Well, probably.. but I'd really love if there was a sports theme for my boys!"  I would NEVER have considered a sports theme but it is my favorite of all three designs!!  This design includes the same bunny butt, along with a football, baseball, basketball, and soccer ball.  It is soooo cute!!  

And finally, I felt strongly that I couldn't totally say goodbye to our signature floral bucket for my girly girls.  It's just such a classic!  But, she's gotten a facelift too - and now includes the CUTEST bow above the name.  It's perfectly on-trend for this year (bows are the it thing right now!) but still feels like a classic.  I love that this one is good for girls of any age... I wouldn't be mad if my mama got one for me! 

I am so excited to paint these for y'all to help you make your Easter celebrations extra sweet this year!  I hope you love the new designs, the changes we've made, and the story behind them.  Each bucket is hand painted by yours truly and comes sealed with a beautiful, heavy gloss double seal to keep the art safe.  They also have bows on the handle for an added touch of whimsy and fun!  

Painting these buckets is always one of my favorite seasons of the whole year.  Knowing you'll use them for years to come and that someday when your kids are all grown up they'll see it in the attic and say "oh, I remember when..." just fills my heart to the brim.  

You can shop our brand new Easter buckets now through February 28 at midnight EST.  They will ship by mid-March in plenty of time for the Easter festivities!  I can't wait to see which one you choose. 

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